Thermogard HT is an environmentally friendly anticorrosive concentrate for heating and cooling systems. It is used if metallic materials are to be protected from corrosion and frost protection is not necessary.

It is free of nitrites, phosphates, amines, silicates, borates and heavy metals.

hermogard HT is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The heat transferability and the viscosity of the water are not influenced by Thermogard HT.

Typical areas of application

Thermogard HT is e.g. used for heating systems which are subject to oxygenation despite their closed design (e.g. due to permeable plastics or sealing materials).

Packaging sizes

  • 25 kg / 30 kg PE canister
  • 220 kg Barrel
  • 1.000 kg IBC
  • 24.000 kg Tank vehicle

The thermodynamic properties and other specific product features available to download Download in PDF format.


Glycogard HT is delivered in liquid form and can therefore be very easily diluted in water.

The applied concentration is:

  • 4 % Thermogard HT

  • 96 % water

Further information

Corrosion protection

Thermogard HT contains a complex combination of corrosion inhibitors which optimally protect metals from corrosion. This corrosive protection can be used for all important metals which are generally used for the construction of heating and cooling systems and industrial plants. Installations made of copper, brass, solder, grey iron, aluminium, steel and iron are optimally protected from corrosion, even if they are used in multi-metal installations. Plastics and sealing materials are resistant to Thermogard HT.

Other information

Thermogard HT is only used in systems which do not require any frost protection. For areas liable to frost, Glysofor is used.

Application guidelines

The water which is used for the production of the solution should have a maximum hardness of 25 °dH and a chloride content of 100 mg/l maximum. Generally, tap water fulfils these requirements. Galvanised components are to be avoided, especially at higher operating temperatures. When installing the plant, it is to be ensured that the future operation is not interrupted by circulatory disturbances caused by air cushions or debris. The plants that are operated with Thermogard HT are to be installed as closed systems and are to be filled completely and vented directly after the pressure test is carried out. Gas and air cushions are to be removed immediately. Breathers are to be applied in such a way that they constantly keep the system free from air and oxygen and no air can be sucked in in case of low pressure. If an existing plant is to be filled, the corrosion condition should be checked first. Before a system that is damaged by corrosion is filled, it is to be reconstructed completely.

Chemical name Combination of corrosion inhibitors, dissolved
Appearance Yellowish liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 Ziff
Labelling omitted
Applied concentration 4% in water
Operating temperature range +5 to +95 °C
Application areas Heating systems, cooling systems, air conditioners, biogas plants, block heating stations, heat recovery plants, industrial and production plants, anticorrosives in water and heating circuits, anticorrosives in the area of geothermal energy if no frost protection is required.
Density (20 °C) 1,14 g/cm3
pH-value 8,1 to 8,5
Boiling point (1013 mbar) from 100 °C
This data is for information purposes only and does not release from the obligation to carry out a proper material testing upon arrival. The data is based on our current state of knowledge and is not meant to guarantee specific properties. It is meant to describe our products with regard to their composition and shall offer application advice. Possible industrial property rights of third parties and the suitability for a special application purpose are to be observed and verified by the user.

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