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Specializing in glycol-based transfer media and cooling brines, today we have become an indispensable part of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology – and have done for over 30 years.

During this time, together with our customers, we have continuously accompanied and decisively advanced the further development of the entire product category, always endeavouring to optimise the thermodynamic properties, material compatibility and ecological properties of our products.

Looking at the results, we have achieved this very well.

Today, the GLYSOFOR brand is synonymous worldwide with the most modern glycol-based heat transfer and cooling media, which have optimum properties with regard to mode of action, long-term usability and low-maintenance continuous use. Not least due to our continuous investments in research and development, you always have the security of having chosen GLYSOFOR as one of the most modern and efficient products of its kind.


Our products correspond to the newest findings with regard to ecological and physiological harmlessness and the effectiveness and compatibility of materials.


Thanks to a careful selection of our providers of raw materials and a seamlessly controlled production, we can guarantee that our products are always of first-class quality.


Together with our customers of the heating, cooling and climate industry, we are constantly working on the enhancement of our products so that they can always respond to the newest technological developments and market requirements.

Why Glysofor?

Our products cover a wide range of temperatures and offer reliable frost protection and excellent corrosion protection for many applications. But look for yourself…

On the basis of Glycol, glycol combinations or carbonates, our products offer optimal antifreeze and anticorrosive properties for the service reduced continuous use in cooling systems and air conditioners, heating systems, heat recovery plants and geothermal energy and solar plants.

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