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Glysofor F is the favoured heat transfer medium used in the food and beverage industry. The NSF has certified the concentrate and ready mixes of Glysofor F.

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World of Glysofor

Glysofor products are suitable for a wide range of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating applications.
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Technical information

The thermodynamic properties and other specific product features can be found in the specifications at the download page.

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Application areas of Glysofor products

Heating and cooling technology

Based on glycols, corrosion inhibitors, and stabilisers, Glysofor may be used universally as a frost and corrosion protection medium and as a cooling medium in air conditioning systems or cooling devices in industrial and production plants.

Food industry

As a harmless, food-hygienic heat transfer and cooling medium, Glysofor offers excellent performance in the production and storage of food, and products from the beverages industry.

Process cooling

Glysofor features good heat transfer performance, optimum corrosion protection properties and low viscosity across the temperature range to ensure continuously reliable system functions in refrigerating, deep freezing, and defrosting processes.

Regenerative energy

Glysofor is an indispensable aid in transporting energy available as solar and geothermal heat. This provides optimum protection against frost damage, corrosion, deposits, sludge accumulation, and biofilms.

Industrial water circuits

Frost and corrosion protection for water-bearing systems in industrial and production plants. Glysofor enables filled systems to be temporarily switched off, even if there is frost, but remain ready for operation at any time.

Transformer cooling

For applications that require extremely low, electrically conductive properties, we offer special types of Glysofor. These can be used as coolants for transformers, condensers, and for cooling inverters.

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