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Glysofor L
Antifreeze concentrate based on propylene glycol

Glysofor F
All of the substances contained are food additives

Glysofor concentrates – reliable in heat and cold transfer in the food industry.

They are used for the cold transport and the cooling of production and waste plants as well as for the cooling or the refrigeration of finished foods.

Glysofor also provides an excellent service in cooling systems and cold stores concerning the storage of foods and in the trade, transport and catering industry. When defrosting plants and devices, Glysofor is economic and efficient.

The products Glysofor L and Glysofor N are based on different glycols and also offer, in addition to excellent frost protection properties, optimal protection from corrosion.

The advantages of Glysofor are obvious.

Especially Glysofor L offers an extremely low toxicity. On the basis of propylene glycol, Glysofor L is neither a dangerous substance nor a dangerous good. According to the applicable legislation concerning dangerous substances, it does not show any hazardous characteristics. This is not least due to the modern ingredient of Glysofor L, which is also preferably used for the production of foods, animal feed as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Glysofor concentrates have very good heat and cold transfer properties. They lower the freezing point of water and raise the boiling point at the same time. This means that Glysofor solutions stay liquid and functional in a very broad temperature range. Due to the chemical properties of Glysofor, an autonomous evaporation can be nearly excluded. This means that it has a decisive advantage compared to alcohol-based products which can also be very odour-intensive, while Glysofor is nearly odourless. Furthermore, Glysofor solutions are not flammable, whereas alcohol-based products are.

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