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Glysofor ELM
High-purity monoethylene glycol as concentrate or aqueous solution

Glysofor ELP
High-purity propylene glycol as concentrate or aqueous solution

Transformers are key components in electricity supply networks.

Failures cause correspondingly high costs. An important criterion for the service life of a transformer is the temperature, which increases as the load increases.

The requirement to not exceed the permissible maximum temperatures requires the cooling system to be large enough. Depending on the application conditions, different cooling types can be used in order to guarantee safe, long-term and low-maintenance operation.

In addition to oil and air coolers, OFWF (Oil Forced Water Forced) and ODWF (Oil Directed Water Forced) oil and water coolers must be mentioned here. Water cooling systems are normally used to remove high dissipation losses, especially if the installation conditions and the ambient conditions are difficult. This means installation locations where it is difficult to dissipate the heat using cool air, e.g. in highly contaminated or chemically aggressive atmospheres, in transformer rooms that are not suitable for cooling technology, as well as if high protection class requirements exist to ensure personal safety.

The Glysofor ELM and Glysofor ELP products provide excellent performance when dissipating heat, especially for applications in which extremely low electrical conductivity is required.
The aqueous solutions are manufactured using high-purity water with an electrical conductivity of < 0,1 µs/cm.

In addition to their good heat transfer performance, the Glysofor ELM and Glysofor ELP products have optimum frost and corrosion protection attributes.

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