Glysofor CARBO is an environmentally friendly cool carrier medium on the basis of alkali carbonates.
It can be used as cool carrier in all systems which are made of stainless steel.

Chromium nickel steel, steels with a low or with no nickel content and chromium molybdenum steel are widely resistant to Glysofor CARBO.

On an inorganic basis, Glysofor CARBO is free from chlorides and inhibitors.

Nitrites, phosphates, amines, silicates and borates are not contained either.

Typical areas of application

Cooling systems, cold chains, heating pumps and other systems which carry liquids.

Packaging sizes

  • 25 kg / 30 kg PE canister
  • 220 kg Barrel
  • 1.000 kg IBC
  • 24.000 kg Tank vehicle

The thermodynamic properties and other specific product features available to Download in PDF format.

Antifreeze protection

Glysofor CARBO is delivered ready for use and offers a reliable antifreeze protection up to:

Prevents freezing down to -12 °C at 100%

Further information

Other information

Glysofor CARBO is delivered as a brine which is ready to be filled in and with a frost protection value of -12 degrees Celsius.

It can be mixed with chloride-free water in every ratio and offers, depending on the specifications and the dilution, a reliable frost protection and cold transport.

It is typically used in cooling systems, cold chains, heating pumps and other systems which carry liquids. For multi-metal installations and installations made from copper, brass or bronze, our concentrates Glysofor N and Glysofor L, which are based on glycol, are available.

Chemical name Potassium carbonate, Aqua Dest.
Appearance clear to slightly yellowish liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 Ziff
Labelling GHS 07
GHS 07 – H315, H319, H335
Density / special weight 1,25 kg/dm³
Concentration 28,8 °Be´/td>
Protection against frost to -12 °C
Spec. heat 3,099 J/g K
Thermal cond. 0,56 W/m K
Dynam. visc. 2,1 mPa s
This data is for information purposes only and does not release from the obligation to carry out a proper material testing upon arrival. The data is based on our current state of knowledge and is not meant to guarantee specific properties. It is meant to describe our products with regard to their composition and shall offer application advice. Possible industrial property rights of third parties and the suitability for a special application purpose are to be observed and verified by the user.

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