Glysofor E is an environmentally friendly antifreeze and heat transfer medium based on bioethanol in combination with corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers.

It is typically used in geothermal and heat pump systems, but also in cooling and heating systems.

Glysofor E is supplied ready to fill with an antifreeze value of -10 degrees Celsius.

Glysofor E is produced from renewable raw materials, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Glysofor E is free of nitrite, amine, phosphate, silicate and borate.

Typical areas of application

Geothermal and heat pump systems, cooling and heating systems.

Packaging sizes

  • 25 kg / 30 kg PE canister
  • 220 kg Barrel
  • 1.000 kg IBC
  • 24.000 kg Tank vehicle

The thermodynamic properties and other specific product features as a PDF for Download.

Antifreeze protection

Glysofor E is delivered ready for use and offers a reliable antifreeze protection up to:

Prevents freezing down to -10 °C at 100%

Thermodynamic properties

Glysofor E at -5 °C at 0 °C at 5 °C at 10 °C at 20 °C
Density [kg/m³] 980.6 979.9 978.9 977.9 974.8
Heat capacity [kJ/kgK] 3.795 3.822 3.851 3.884 3.953
Thermal conductivity [W/mK] 0.455 0.4614 0.4677 0.4749 0.4899
Dynamic viscosity [mPas] 5.328 4.306 3.421 2.782 1.934

Further information

Other information

Glysofor E ideally prevents frost damage, corrosion, deposits, sludge accumulation, and biofilms.

Installations made of copper, brass, solder, grey iron, aluminium, steel and iron are optimally protected, even if they are used in multi-metal installations.

Glysofor E does not attack sealing materials.

Glysofor E is not a dangerous good according to special provision 144 (3.3.1 ADR) and is not subject to labelling according to the CLP regulation.
In case of fire Glysofor E does not sustain combustion according to UN Test L.2.

Chemical name Ethanol, Aqua Dest.
Appearance Green liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 Ziff
Flash point < 100 °C
Boiling point < 103 °C
Density 0,97 g/cm³
pH-value 7,5 – 8,5
Frost protection -10 °C
Viscosity (20 °C) 1,9 mPas
Specific heat (20 °C) approx. 4,3 kJ/kgK

This data is for information purposes only and does not release from the obligation to carry out a proper material testing upon arrival. The data is based on our current state of knowledge and is not meant to guarantee specific properties. It is meant to describe our products with regard to their composition and shall offer application advice. Possible industrial property rights of third parties and the suitability for a special application purpose are to be observed and verified by the user.

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