Recommended products

Glysofor Solar
Solar fluid for vacuum tube and plate collector solar plants.

Glysofor TERRA
Special product for use in geothermal probes

Glysofor EVO N
Antifreeze concentrate based on monoethylene glycol with biodegradable corrosion inhibitors

Glysofor EVO L
Antifreeze concentrate based on propylene glycol with biodegradable corrosion inhibitors

Glysofor concentrates are indispensable aids when using renewable energy.

Renewable energy is often generated in places where it cannot be used directly. In the solar sector or also in the area of geothermal energy, the energy in the form of heat has to be transported first, whereby Glysofor provides an excellent service.

When using solar heat, Glysofor Solar transports the heat collected in a solar collector to a heating system. In this way, drinking water and process water as well as heating systems can be heated in an environmentally friendly and economic way. This can lead to significant fuel savings. There is a great number of other applications where Glysofor contributes to the use of environmentally friendly energies.

In the area of geothermal energy, Glysofor TERRA transports the heat collected in the geothermal probe to the earth’s surface where it is delivered to a heating system with the help of a heat pump.

The products Glysofor EVO N and EVO L go one step further. They were especially developed for areas of application in which special ecological requirements are present. These are formulated so that in the event of unintentional release (e.g. a leak), the microbial breakdown of ingredients is not hindered.

Glysofor N and Glysofor L are used in biogas plants, block heating stations and heat recovery plants. In wind power plants, Glysofor is used for vibration dampening and the excellent anticorrosive property of Glysofor enables a reliable and low-maintenance operation especially in offshore plants.

Glysofor can be universally used as antifreeze, anticorrosive and heat transfer medium. Glysofor optimally prevents frost damage, corrosion, debris and accumulation of mud or biofilms. All Glysofor products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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