Glycols for cooling, air conditioning, and heating technology

Heating and cooling technology

Glysofor – an allrounder in heating and refrigeration engineering.

Glysofor N and Glysofor L are environmentally friendly frost protection concentrates on the basis of glycol, corrosion inhibitors and stabilisers.

They can be universally used as frost protection agents, anticorrosive agents and as heat carrier or refrigerant agents in heating or cooling systems.

Glysofor optimally prevents frost damage, corrosion, debris, accumulation of mud or biofilms. In heat pump systems, heat recovery plants, industrial plants, borehole heat exchangers or hot water heating systems, Glysofor serves as a heat carrier liquid. In cooling systems, Glysofor is used as cooling brine.

It is typically used in air conditioners or cooling systems of industrial and production plants. With Glysofor, heating systems can also be temporarily deactivated in case of frost, but remain operationally ready at all times. In temporarily used buildings such as gymnasiums, weekend cottages, churches, schools or function rooms, this can lead to significant fuel savings. Glysofor contains a complex combination of corrosion inhibitors which optimally protect metals from corrosion. This anticorrosive protection can be used for all important metals which are generally used for the construction of heating and cooling systems. Installations made of copper, brass, solder, grey iron, aluminium, steel and iron are optimally protected from corrosion even if they are used in multi-metal installations.

For technical systems, Glysofor N is used while Glysofor L is available for the food industry.

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