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Glysofor Fluidmarker


Glysofor Fluidmarker is a fluorescent liquid leak detector for the precise and rapid location of cooling medium leaks in defective and leaking cooling circuits in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Glysofor Fluidmarker works both in static and circulatory systems, for example in heating systems, hot water heating systems, pumps, water circuits, refrigeration systems etc.

Glysofor Fluidmarker

Packaging sizes

  • 5 kg PE canister
  • 10 kg PE canister
  • 20 kg PE canister


The specific product features available to download in PDF format.


New systems are filled with Glysofor Fluidmarker before commissioning, thus enabling leaks to be rapidly and easily located after illumination with an indicator lamp (a UV LED lamp).

Glysofor Fluidmarker is visible under UV A radiation or blue light and glows green.

There is no need to replace heat carriers and refrigerants such as water or water-glycol mixtures after the addition of Glysofor Fluidmarker. Glysofor Fluidmarker does not alter the properties of the liquids.

The product is free from solvents and, unlike solvent-based additives, guarantees no chemical reactions and no damage or adverse effects to the water circuit or operating liquid.

Base Fluorescent dye
Appearance Amber colored
Smell characteristic
Form liquid
Dosage 0,1-0,5 % in water or water-glycol mixtures

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