Glycols for cooling, air conditioning, and heating technology


Frost protection testers

For all Glysofor products, useful frost protection testers are available with which your can quickly and easily determine and set the antifreeze value in your plant.

Glysofor – Refractometer

Practical hand refractometer (Combined tester MEG/MPG) for all glycol-based Glysofor products.

Enables quick and precise testing of the antifreeze content in cooling and heating systems.

Available in aluminium with adjustable eyepiece with rubber eye pad.

Glysofor – Refractometer

Glysofor N – FS tester MEG
Glysofor L – FS tester MPG

Economic test device for ethylene glycol - and propylene glycol - water mixtures.

This device enables you to check and set all glycol-based Glysofor products quickly and easily with regard to their antifreeze value.

It is used in heating systems, heat recovery plants, cooling systems, solar plants etc.

Glysofor N – FS tester MEG / Glysofor L – FS tester MPG

UV leak detection

UV LED lamp

A compact but powerful UV lamp which provides intense illumination with its 9 UV LEDs and therefore makes the detection of leaks easy.

The lamp is used for testing equipment filled with Glysofor Fluidmarker.

Technical data

Material Aluminum
Diameter 30 mm
Length 94 mm
Weight 92 g
Number of LED 9 (395 nm)
Batteries 3x AAA
Energy efficiency A+
LED-Lampe UV

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Our products are used in heating systems, air conditioners, industrial and cooling plants, heating pumps, solar plants, sprinkler systems and other systems which carry liquids.
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