Take-back / recycling

  • Take-back / Recycling

We offer our customers the option for take-back, reprocessing, and recycling of used, glycol-based cooling mediums and heat transfer fluids.

Company registration number acc. to § 28 art. 1 of the Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records (NachwV): G00694044


Cooling, air-conditioning, and heating systems are designed, from a technical standpoint, to function and remain operational over long periods of time.

Modifications, upgrades, or relocation may however make it necessary to refill a system.

We offer special containers for emptying the system, which we can pick up throughout Germany after filling.

Larger volumes will be picked up by tanker vehicle.

We also offer cost-effective disposal plans.

Take-back (glycol based fluids)

  • Glycols
  • Glycol/water solutions
  • Antifreeze
  • Solar fluids
  • Cooling brines
  • Cooling and heat transfer mediums
  • Aircraft deicers

Volume / take-back container

  • From 25 l PE canister
  • From 220 l PE barrel
  • From 1000 l IBC
  • From 12.000 l Tanker vehicle