Glysofor TERRA


Special product for use in geothermal probes in conjunction with brine / water heat pumps

Glysofor TERRA is an environmentally friendly antifreeze concentrate based on ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors and stabilisers. In geothermal probes and ground heat collectors, Glysofor TERRA acts as a frost protection agent, anticorrosive agent as well as a heat carrier medium. Glysofor TERRA optimally prevents frost damage, corrosion, debris, accumulation of mud or biofilms. Glysofor TERRA is completely free of nitrites, amines, phosphates, silicates and borates. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Both as a concentrate and as a dilution, Glysofor TERRA is classified in the lowest water pollution class WPC 1. Glysofor TERRA is resistant in the long-term against the formation of biofilms, putrescence and microbiological degradation, thus preventing precipitations and the accumulation of mud. Homogenously mixed Glysofor TERRA/water mixtures do not separate, thus ensuring constant frost protection. This guarantees a year-round, long-term and low-maintenance operation of the plants. A special production process ensures that Glysofor TERRA has a comparatively higher level of efficiency, ensuring a more efficient operation. Glysofor TERRA is tested in accordance with ASTM D 1384-05.

Packaging sizes

25 kg / 30 kg PE canister 220 kg Barrel 1.000 kg IBC 24.000 kg Tank vehicle
Glysofor Terra

Antifreeze protection

  • -9° C20%
  • -16° C30%
  • -25° C40%
  • -38° C50%
  • -51° C58%

Heat carrier medium

Glysofor TERRA transports the heat collected in the geothermal probe to the earth's surface, where it is delivered to a heating system with the help of a heat pump. Heat energy acquired in this way can lead to significant savings of conventional fuels.

Frost protection agents

With a glycol (monoethylene glycol) base, Glysofor TERRA significantly lowers the freezing point of water, thus preventing the freezing of the operating liquid. With Glysofor TERRA, heat pump systems can also be temporarily deactivated in case of frost, but remain operationally ready at all times. Thanks to the ability of Glysofor TERRA to lower the freezing point, heat pump systems can be safely operated even at minus temperatures of up to -50 degrees Celsius. If any damage occurs to the system, a simultaneous frost-related explosive effect can be reliably prevented using Glysofor TERRA.

Anticorrosive agents

Thanks to a complex combination of corrosion inhibitors, metals are optimally protected against corrosive attacks. This anticorrosive protection can be used for all important metals that are usually used in heating engineering. Installations made of copper, brass, solder, grey iron, aluminium, steel and iron are optimally protected, even if they are used in multi-metal installations.


Pure water/glycol mixtures have very distinctive corrosive properties. You must therefore never use pure water/glycol mixtures without inhibitor equipment. We recommend Glysofor L, based on propylene, for applications in connection with food and the refrigeration or heating of food.

Chemical name Ethandiol (Monoethylene glycol), anticorrosion additives, auxiliary materials
Appearance Yellow liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 number
EC number 2034733
CAS number 107 - 21 - 1
Labelling GHS 07 - H302, GHS 08 - H373

This data is for information purposes only and does not release from the obligation to carry out a proper material testing upon arrival. The data is based on our current state of knowledge and is not meant to guarantee specific properties. It is meant to describe our products with regard to their composition and shall offer application advice. Possible industrial property rights of third parties and the suitability for a special application purpose are to be observed and verified by the user.