Glysofor N


Glysofor N is a commonly used, universally applicable heat transfer medium, coolant and anti-freezing agent for industrial plants and liquid-piping systems. Modern inhibitors provide optimal protection against corrosion.

Glysofor N does not attack the known sealant materials and is also very well suited to use in combined systems (multi-metal installations). It can be mixed with water in any ratio and offers reliable frost protection down to -50 degrees Celsius, depending on requirements and dilution. Glysofor N is free of nitrites, phosphates and amines.

Typical areas of application

Heating and cooling systems, heat recovery plants, heat pumps and other liquid-carrying systems.

Packaging sizes

25 kg / 30 kg PE canister 220 kg Barrel 1.000 kg IBC 24.000 kg Tank vehicle
Glysofor N

Antifreeze protection

  • -9° C20%
  • -16° C30%
  • -25° C40%
  • -38° C50%
  • -51° C58%
Chemical name ethylene glycol (monoethylene glycol), aqua dest., anti-corrosion additive
Appearance Pink liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 number
Einecs No. 2034733
CAS No. 107 - 21 - 1
Labelling GHS 07 - H302, GHS 08 - H373

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