Glysofor EVO L


Glysofor EVO L is an environmentally-friendly antifreeze concentrate and heat transfer medium based on physiologically harmless propylene glycol. The field of application of Glysofor EVO L is heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, or other water circuits susceptible to frost.

Free of nitrite, borate, phosphate, triazole, and silicate.

It was specially developed for application areas with particular environmental requirements, especially in respect of biodegradability.

Glysofor EVO L is formulated such that, in the event of unintentional release (e.g. by a leak), the microbial breakdown is not expected to be hindered. Specifically, the good rates at which the individual ingredients biodegrade is not negatively impacted by the combination of substances in the recipe. Extended half-life periods or an accumulation of persistent intermediate degradation products are also not anticipated during the biodegradation of Glysofor EVO L.

Typical application areas

Heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, or other water circuits susceptible to frost.

Packaging sizes

25 kg / 30 kg PE canister 220 kg Barrel 1.000 kg IBC 24.000 kg Tank vehicle
Glysofor EVO L

Antifreeze protection

  • -11° C25%
  • -14° C30%
  • -18° C35%
  • -22° C40%
  • -26° C45%
  • -32° C50%

The corrosion inhibition of Glysofor EVO L is completely free of nitrite, borate, phosphate, triazole, and silicate. The corrosion inhibition of Glysofor EVO L is completely free of nitrite, borate, phosphate, triazole, and silicate. The main ingredient propylene glycol is preferred in the food and luxury foodstuffs sector due to its physiologically and environmentally harmless properties. Glysofor EVO L is used as an antifreeze, corrosion protection agent as well as the heat transfer medium. Glysofor EVO L ideally prevents frost damage, corrosion, deposits, sludge accumulation, and biofilms. Glysofor EVO L is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and, in water circuits, exhibits longterm resistance to the formation of biofilms, rot, and microbiological decomposition, which avoids deposition and sludge accumulation. Homogeneous Glysofor EVO L/water mixtures do not separate, which ensures continuous frost resistance. This guarantees year-round, longterm, and low-maintenance operation of the system.

Heat transfer medium

In heating and cooling systems, Glysofor EVO L serves as a heat transfer fluid or cooling brine. In this respect, it is able to function simultaneously as a cooling medium, which guarantees optimal heat removal at the same time as cooling. In many application areas, due to the geographical proximity to surface water, drinking water wells, or areas of natural protection, use of a product which is a physiologically and environmentally safe as possible may be indicated. In this case, Glysofor EVO L often meets such sensitive requirements.


Using glycol, in this case monopropylene glycol, Glysofor EVO L significantly lowers the freezing point of water and prevents freezing. Glysofor EVO L ensures that the aqueous solutions remain in workable liquid form, even in sub-zero temperatures. With Glysofor EVO L, heating, cooling, and water circuits can be temporarily switched off, even during frost conditions, while however remaining ready for operation at any time. Glysofor EVO L reliably avoids bursts caused by frost, which also result in damage to the system.

Corrosion protection

Glysofor EVO L contains a combination of corrosion inhibitors, which provide optimal corrosion protection for metals. All of the corrosion inhibitors used are classed in the lowest water pollution class 1 and have optimum biodegradability. The use of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, borate, silicate, and triazole was consciously dispensed with in the formulation of Glysofor EVO L.


Pure water/glycol mixtures have very clearly pronounced corrosive properties. You should therefore never use pure water/glycol mixtures with no inhibitors.

Chemical name 1.2 Propylene glycol, aqua dest., corrosion protection additive
Appearance Blue liquid
Packaging Canisters / barrels / IBCs / tank vehicles
ADR KI 0 number
Labelling -

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